• Chiropractor
        • Functional Integrated Acupuncture Provider
        • Personal Trainer Specialist
        • Laser and Shockwave provider






Before returning to his St. Catharines roots, Dr. Nathan Moore attended the University of Waterloo obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Upon graduation he worked as a personal trainer and kinesiologist for a year specializing in optimizing movement patterns and sport specific rehabilitation. He continued his education by attending Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) and becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic, while completing an additional certification in Functional Integrated Acupuncture.

Dr. Nathan believes in patient centered, comprehensive care that is unique to each individual. To him, a fulfilling career is one where he provides patients with the treatment, education and tools necessary to lead a healthy and functional life. In order to do this Dr. Nathan utilizes a wide variety of therapies including: diversified chiropractic technique, various soft tissue techniques (myofascial release therapy and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), acupuncture, cupping, taping and orthotics. In addition he has experience with various modalities such as LLLT (low level laser therapy), IFC/TENS (electrical stim), Shockwave and Ultrasound. Lastly, Dr. Nathan places an emphasis on exercise rehabilitation in order to facilitate recovery and prevent injury. He has attended various seminars about the assessment of movement patterns and plans on continuing down that path in order to improve his knowledge base.



After 8 years of schooling Dr. Nathan is ready to return to where he always considered home- St. Catharines. He is excited to practice in the community that raised him. He is a family oriented person looking forward to spending more time with loved ones and re-experiencing the city, a revitalized downtown core, and the many new developments. His passions include all things active, from various sports (basketball, golf, squash and soccer) to many other athletic endeavors (weight lifting, long distance running, rock climbing and hiking).

His mission is to get every patient feeling and moving better so that they can do what means the most to them.