The Straight Truth About Chiropractic Care



Everyone’s experience with a Chiropractor is different. I often hear stories about patients seeing a Chiropractor for extended periods of time, at a set frequency, and only seeing short-lived improvement. In my experience, this should not be the case. When you walk into my office, you will quickly notice my enthusiasm for your improvement, as my goal is to provide you with a comprehensive treatment, and obtain visible improvements by the end of your first visit. It is my personal goal (and competitive nature!) to get my patients better and pain-free in as little visits as possible.


At each visit, you can expect that I will always start by reproducing the source of your injury in order to determine its origin, which allows me to be specific with my treatment. This also gives me a baseline so that I can re-test your pain-source before you leave, ensuring that you can walk out the door feeling better than you did when you walked in!


I provide a variety of treatment options for my patients, and will always be direct with you about what approaches will give the best results the fastest! A peak at my website will illustrate the number of treatments that are available and used in conjunction with each other to produce the greatest treatment effect. Biomechanical analysis of your body and function, acupuncture, soft tissue release techniques, fascial release tools, laser therapy, shockwave therapy, kinesio-taping… and the list goes on. A unique combination of these tools, along with my knowledge of the body, its anatomy, physiology, and pain, will be what gets you better in the shortest amount of time.


I can confidently tell you that Chiropractic care can benefit all ages, from newborns to the elderly. It can alleviate a variety of issues from head to toe, ranging from sports injuries and repetitive strains, to acute and chronic pain. There is also a place in Chiropractic for wellness care and maintenance/preventative treatments. As we age, our physiology unfortunately turns against us and I can never stress enough that you shouldn’t wait for an injury to show up to make that desperate call to a Chiropractor. Trust me, if there is something that is slowly creeping up on you (that will soon turn into pain!) I WILL FIND IT! Be assured that the treatment plan and appointment intervals will be tailored to you, based on your needs.


By the end of your first visit, it will be evident to you that I am compassionate and driven to help you feel better as quickly as possible. I will always be honest with you about your individual needs and prognosis. I am not hesitant to co-manage your treatment with other health practitioners, and advocate for necessary diagnostic imaging in order to enhance your care.



If you have any questions for me please put them in the comment section below. I would be pleased to answer them as best I can and maybe make them the topic of another blog. Names and distinguishing characteristics removed, of course.



About Dr. Daniela DiPaola



Dr. Daniela DiPaola graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, prior to which she received an Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree from McMaster University. She has completed her certification in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, with continued education in Functional Integrated Needling courses. Dr. DiPaola is a full-body Certified Active Release Technique® (ART) Provider. She also has her Personal Training Certification. Dr. DiPaola utilizes a number of techniques including: Acupuncture, chiropractic joint manipulation, ART®, Class IV Laser Therapy, Shockwave Therapy and Kinesio-Taping techniques. Her treatment goal is to improve biomechanical and musculoskeletal dysfunction in order for her patients to return to activity and optimal function as quickly as possible. See SERVICES page for more info on each individual technique.


Dr. Daniela provides in-office rehabilitation programs, as well as take-home exercises in order for her patients to progressively strengthen and stretch the musculoskeletal structures that require it. By providing rehabilitation and activity- specific exercises for the patient to do while at home, the patient is not only able to become more independent, they are able to get back to their optimal function faster.




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